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multifit Directory Reference
+ Directory dependency graph for multifit:


file  AlignmentParams.h [code]
 Parameters for alignments.
file  anchor_graph.h [code]
 anchor graph utilities
file  anchor_utilities.h [code]
 Common functions in anchor calculations.
file  anchors_reader.h [code]
 handles reading of anchors data
file  coarse_molecule.h [code]
 coarsen molecule by clustering
file  ComplementarityRestraint.h [code]
 Calculate weighted excluded volume between rigid bodies.
file  multifit/connolly_surface.h [code]
 Generate surface for a set of atoms.
file  DataPointsAssignment.h [code]
 Tools for data points assignment, after anchor point segmentation.
file  density_analysis.h [code]
 density analysis tools, such as segmentation
file  DensityDataPoints.h [code]
 Handling of data for anchor points segmentation.
file  ensemble_analysis.h [code]
file  fft_based_rigid_fitting.h [code]
 FFT based fitting.
file  fitting_solutions_reader_writer.h [code]
 handles reading and writing MultiFit fitting solutions file
file  fitting_states.h [code]
 Fitting states.
file  fitting_tools.h [code]
 tools for handling fitting records
file  fitting_utils.h [code]
 fitting utilities
file  FittingSolutionRecord.h [code]
 stored a multifit fitting solution
file  GeometricHash.h [code]
 Geometric Hashing class.
file  merge_tree_utils.h [code]
file  multifit_config.h [code]
file  path_reader_writer.h [code]
 Read and write paths.
file  pca_based_rigid_fitting.h [code]
 preforms rigid fitting between a set of particles and a density map
file  protein_anchors_mapping_reader.h [code]
 handles reading matches between a protein and its anchors
file  proteomics_em_alignment_atomic.h [code]
 align proteomics graph to em density map
file  proteomics_reader.h [code]
 handles reading of proteomics data
file  multifit/RadiusOfGyrationRestraint.h [code]
 radius of gyration restraint.
file  RigidLeavesRefiner.h [code]
 Return all rigid body members that are also hierarchy leaves.
file  SettingsData.h [code]
 stored multifit settings data
file  weighted_excluded_volume.h [code]
 handles low resolution weighted excluded volume calculation.
file  WeightedExcludedVolumeRestraint.h [code]
 Calculate weighted excluded volume between rigid bodies.