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Profiling IMP applications
This introduces CPU profiling of IMP code with Google's gperftools package, to track down where time is being spent.
Using IMP as a C++ library
This covers using IMP as a C++ library in other C++ projects.
Fitting against SAXS data with FoXS and MultiFoXS
This covers using the FoXS and MultiFoXS tools in IMP to fit one or more structures against small angle X-ray (SAXS) data.
Modeling of an actin complex with PMI
This demonstratates integrative modeling using the PMI interface by modeling the complex of actin and tropomodulin-gelsolin chimera using SAXS, EM, crosslinking, crystal structures of the individual domains and physical principles.
Deposition of IMP models
This covers the procedure for depositing integrative modeling studies in the PDB-Dev database in mmCIF format.
Introduction to writing IMP code
This covers creating a new IMP module, and writing a new restraint in C++.
PMI RNAPII Modeling Tutorial
This tutorial introduces the Python Modeling Interface (PMI), a set of tools designed to handle all steps of the modeling protocol, and demonstrates it by modeling the stalk of RNA Polymerase II using cross-linking, electron microscopy, and x-ray crystallography data.

Writing new tutorials

To write a new tutorial, follow these instructions.