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IMP 2.18.0 stable release

This release is recommended for beginners, and should be stable. (For the very latest features, use the development version instead.)

Binary installers


Please refer to the online documentation. You can also download the documentation.

Source code

To build IMP from source code, please refer to the installation guide.


Please check the SHA256SUM file, which in turn is signed with this GPG key.

Development version

The latest development version of the IMP source code is hosted at github. Note that this may not always work, but does include new functionality not in the stable release. This version is tested every night; please check out the nightly builds results page to see if the code is currently stable enough for your purposes.

Binary installers for Windows, Linux (Fedora 37, RHEL 7/8/9, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS/20.04 LTS/22.04 LTS), and Mac OS X 10.10 or later are also available for the most recent nightly build that compiled successfully. Anaconda packages for 64-bit Linux are also available (use the imp-nightly package in the salilab channel, rather than imp) on an occasional basis.


Please refer to the online documentation.

Old releases

For reference, old versions of IMP are archived.