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IMP.pmi.restraints.em2d.ElectronMicroscopy2D_FFT Class Reference

FFT based image alignment, developed by Javier Velazquez-Muriel. More...

Inherits object.

Detailed Description

FFT based image alignment, developed by Javier Velazquez-Muriel.

This class is only available in Python.

Definition at line 117 of file restraints/

Public Member Functions

def __init__
 Constructor. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def IMP.pmi.restraints.em2d.ElectronMicroscopy2D_FFT.__init__ (   self,
  images = None,
  pixel_size = None,
  image_resolution = None,
  projection_number = None,
  resolution = None 


hierThe root hierarchy for applying the restraint
imagesSPIDER FORMAT images (format conversion should be done through EM2EM)
pixel_sizesampling rate of the available EM images (angstroms)
image_resolutionresolution at which you want to generate the projections of the model. In principle you want "perfect" projections, so use the highest resolution
projection_numberNumber of projections of the model (coarse registration) to estimate the registration parameters
resolutionWhich level of model representation to use in the fit

Definition at line 130 of file restraints/

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