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image_processing.h File Reference

Image processing functions. More...

#include <IMP/em2d/em2d_config.h>
#include "IMP/em2d/PolarResamplingParameters.h"
#include "IMP/em2d/opencv_interface.h"
#include "IMP/base_types.h"
#include <algorithm>
#include <cmath>
#include <cereal/access.hpp>
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class  IMP::em2d::MatchTemplateResult
class  IMP::em2d::SegmentationParameters
 Class to provide all the parameters to the segmentation function. More...


 Base functionality and abstract base classes for representation, scoring and sampling.
 Restraints using electron microscopy 2D images (class averages).


typedef IMP::Vector
< MatchTemplateResult > 
typedef IMP::Vector
< SegmentationParameters > 


void IMP::em2d::add_noise (cv::Mat &v, double op1, double op2, const String &mode="uniform", double df=3)
 Add noise to the values of a matrix. More...
void IMP::em2d::apply_circular_mask (const cv::Mat &mat, cv::Mat &result, int radius, double value=0.0)
void IMP::em2d::apply_diffusion_filter (const cv::Mat &m, cv::Mat &result, double beta, double pixelsize, unsigned int time_steps)
void IMP::em2d::apply_mask (const cv::Mat &m, cv::Mat &result, const cvIntMat &mask, double val)
 Applies a binary mask to an image. More...
void IMP::em2d::apply_threshold (cv::Mat &m, cv::Mat &result, double threshold=0.0)
void IMP::em2d::apply_variance_filter (const cv::Mat &input, cv::Mat &filtered, int kernelsize)
cvIntMat IMP::em2d::create_circular_mask (int rows, int cols, int radius)
cv::Mat IMP::em2d::crop (const cv::Mat &m, const IntPair &center, int size)
void IMP::em2d::do_combined_fill_holes_and_threshold (cv::Mat &m, cv::Mat &result, double n_stddevs, double threshold=0.0)
 Combines the fill holes and thresholding operations together with normalize. More...
void IMP::em2d::do_dilate_and_shrink_warp (cv::Mat &m, const cv::Mat &grayscale, cv::Mat &kernel)
 (U. Adiga, 2005) More...
void IMP::em2d::do_extend_borders (cv::Mat &orig, cv::Mat &dst, unsigned int pix)
void IMP::em2d::do_fill_holes (const cv::Mat &m, cv::Mat &result, double h)
 Fills the holes in the matrix m of height h. More...
void IMP::em2d::do_histogram_stretching (cv::Mat &m, int boxes, int offset)
int IMP::em2d::do_labeling (const cvIntMat &m, cvIntMat &mat_to_label)
 Labeling function for a matrix. More...
void IMP::em2d::do_morphologic_contrast_enhancement (const cv::Mat &m, cv::Mat &result, const cv::Mat &kernel, unsigned int iterations)
void IMP::em2d::do_morphologic_reconstruction (const cv::Mat &mask, cv::Mat &marker, int neighbors_mode=4)
 morphologic grayscale reconstruction (L Vincent, 1993) More...
void IMP::em2d::do_normalize (cv::Mat &m)
 Normalize a openCV matrix to mean 0 and stddev 1. It is done in place. More...
void IMP::em2d::do_remove_small_objects (cvIntMat &m, double percentage, int background=0, int foreground=1)
 Removes small objects from a matrix of integers. More...
void IMP::em2d::do_resample_polar (const cv::Mat &input, cv::Mat &resampled, const PolarResamplingParameters &polar_params)
 Resamples a matrix to polar coordinates. More...
void IMP::em2d::do_segmentation (const cv::Mat &m, cv::Mat &result, const SegmentationParameters &params)
 Segmentation of images. More...
MatchTemplateResults IMP::em2d::get_best_template_matches (const cv::Mat &m, const cv::Mat &templ, unsigned int n)
void IMP::em2d::get_diffusion_filtering_partial_derivative (const cv::Mat &m, cv::Mat &der, double dx, double dy, double ang)
void IMP::em2d::get_domes (cv::Mat &m, cv::Mat &result, double h)
 Gets the domes of m with height h. More...
Floats IMP::em2d::get_histogram (const cv::Mat &m, int bins)
 Computes the histogram of a matrix. More...
double IMP::em2d::get_mean (const cv::Mat &mat, const cvIntMat &mask)
void IMP::em2d::get_morphologic_gradient (const cv::Mat &m, cv::Mat &result, const cv::Mat &kernel)
double IMP::em2d::get_overlap_percentage (cv::Mat &m1, cv::Mat &m2, const IntPair &center)
void IMP::em2d::get_transformed (const cv::Mat &input, cv::Mat &transformed, const algebra::Transformation2D &T)

Detailed Description

Image processing functions.

Copyright 2007-2022 IMP Inventors. All rights reserved.

Definition in file image_processing.h.