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IMP::em2d::ProjectionMask Class Reference

#include <IMP/em2d/ProjectionMask.h>

Detailed Description

Mask that contains the projection of a given particles. This matrices speed up projecting because the only have to be computed once for a model

Definition at line 36 of file ProjectionMask.h.

Public Member Functions

 ProjectionMask (const em::KernelParameters &kparams, double voxelsize, double mass=1.0)
void apply (cv::Mat &m, const algebra::Vector2D &v)
 Adds the values of the mask to a matrix at the given pixel. More...
void create (const em::KernelParameters &kparams, double mass=1.0)
 Generates the mask. More...
void show (std::ostream &out=std::cout) const

Protected Attributes

cv::Mat data_
int dim_
double sq_pixelsize_

Member Function Documentation

void IMP::em2d::ProjectionMask::apply ( cv::Mat &  m,
const algebra::Vector2D v 

Adds the values of the mask to a matrix at the given pixel.

[out]mmatrix where the values of the mask are added.
[in]vpixel where to apply the values. Currently used as integer.
void IMP::em2d::ProjectionMask::create ( const em::KernelParameters kparams,
double  mass = 1.0 

Generates the mask.

[in]kparamsKernel parameters to employ. See the EM module
[in]massMass to give to the mask

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