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The Integrative Modeling Platform
IMP::ParticleAdaptor Class Reference

#include <IMP/Particle.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for IMP::ParticleAdaptor:

Detailed Description

An adaptor that enable to implicitly pass particles to other functions or constructors by passing either the particle itself (in Python), a decorator to the particle, or a raw/smart IMP pointer to the particle (in C++)

Definition at line 180 of file Particle.h.

Public Member Functions

 ParticleAdaptor (Particle *p)
 convert p to itself More...
 ParticleAdaptor (const Decorator &d)
 convert d to the particle it decorates More...
 ParticleAdaptor (IMP::Pointer< Particle > p)
 ParticleAdaptor (IMP::WeakPointer< Particle > p)
 ParticleAdaptor (IMP::PointerMember< Particle > p)
Modelget_model () const
ParticleIndex get_particle_index () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IMP::ParticleAdaptor::ParticleAdaptor ( Particle p)

convert p to itself

Definition at line 187 of file Particle.h.

IMP::ParticleAdaptor::ParticleAdaptor ( const Decorator d)

convert d to the particle it decorates

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