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Residue.h File Reference

A decorator for Residues. More...

#include <IMP/atom/atom_config.h>
#include "atom_macros.h"
#include "Hierarchy.h"
#include "Chain.h"
#include <IMP/base_types.h>
#include <IMP/Particle.h>
#include <IMP/Model.h>
#include <IMP/Decorator.h>
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class  IMP::atom::Residue
 A decorator for a residue. More...


 Base functionality and abstract base classes for representation, scoring and sampling.
 Functionality for loading, creating, manipulating and scoring atomic structures.


typedef IMP::Vector< Residue > IMP::atom::Residues
typedef Key< 90784334 > IMP::atom::ResidueType
typedef IMP::Vector< ResidueType > IMP::atom::ResidueTypes


double IMP::atom::get_mass (ResidueType c)
 Get the mass from the residue type. More...
Hierarchy IMP::atom::get_next_residue (Residue rd)
 Return the residue from the same chain with one higher index. More...
char IMP::atom::get_one_letter_code (ResidueType c)
 Get the 1-letter amino acid code from the residue type. More...
Hierarchy IMP::atom::get_previous_residue (Residue rd)
 Return the residue from the same chain with one lower index. More...
ResidueType IMP::atom::get_residue_type (char c)
 Get the residue type from the 1-letter amino acid code. More...


const ResidueType IMP::atom::GLY
const ResidueType IMP::atom::UNK
 Unknown residue. More...

Detailed Description

A decorator for Residues.

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Definition in file Residue.h.