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Namespace List

Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
IMPThe IMP kernel provides base classes and key shared functionality
IMP::algebraThis module contains general purpose algebraic and geometric methods
IMP::atomThis module contains functionality for dealing with atoms and proteins
IMP::benchmarkThis module provides benchmarks of a variety of aspects of IMP
IMP::containerThis module provides containers in IMP
IMP::coreThis module contains basic functionality that is expected to be used by a wide variety of IMP users
IMP::displayThis module provides support for displaying and exporting IMP data in various ways
IMP::dominoThis module provides a framework for applying a divide-and-conquer sampling
IMP::emThis module allows density maps to be used to generate restraints
IMP::exampleThis module provides example showing how to implement various types of objects and functionality in IMP
IMP::gslThis module wraps optimizers from the GNU Scientific Library
IMP::helperThis module provides high level functionality to assist in setting up and manipulating models
IMP::miscThis module contains miscellaneous and experimental functionality
IMP::modellerThis module contains functionality for integrating Modeller with IMP
IMP::restrainerThis module provides a higher level interface for using experimental proteomics data with IMP
IMP::saxsThis module adds small angle x-ray scatter support to IMP
IMP::statisticsThis module provides methods for clustering
IMP::testMethods and classes for testing the IMP kernel and modules

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