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pmi/utilities.h File Reference

Useful utilities. More...

#include <IMP/pmi/pmi_config.h>
#include <IMP/core/DistancePairScore.h>
#include <IMP/core/DistanceRestraint.h>
#include <IMP/core/XYZR.h>
#include <IMP/atom/Hierarchy.h>
#include <IMP/atom/Molecule.h>
#include <IMP/atom/Copy.h>
#include <IMP/atom/Selection.h>
#include <IMP/core/internal/dihedral_helpers.h>
#include <IMP/Vector.h>
#include <boost/lexical_cast.hpp>
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 Base functionality and abstract base classes for representation, scoring and sampling.
 Python classes to represent, score, sample and analyze models.


RestraintSet * IMP::pmi::create_elastic_network (const Particles &ps, Float dist_cutoff, Float strength)
 Create an elastic network restraint set. More...
Float IMP::pmi::get_bipartite_minimum_sphere_distance (const IMP::core::XYZRs &m1, const IMP::core::XYZRs &m2)
Float IMP::pmi::get_dihedral_angle (const atom::Atom &p1, const atom::Atom &p2, const atom::Atom &p3, const atom::Atom &p4)
Floats IMP::pmi::get_list_of_bipartite_minimum_sphere_distance (const ParticlesTemps &pss)
std::string IMP::pmi::get_molecule_name_and_copy (atom::Hierarchy h)
 Walk up a PMI2 hierarchy/representations and get the "molname.copynum". More...

Detailed Description

Useful utilities.

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Definition in file pmi/utilities.h.