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IMP.pmi.analysis.Precision Class Reference

A class to evaluate the precision of an ensemble. More...

Inherits object.

Detailed Description

A class to evaluate the precision of an ensemble.

Also can evaluate the cross-precision of multiple ensembles. Supports MPI for coordinate reading. Recommended procedure:

  1. initialize object and pass the selection for evaluating precision
  2. call add_structures() to read in the data (specify group name)
  3. call get_precision() to evaluate inter/intra precision
  4. call get_rmsf() to evaluate within-group fluctuations
This class is only available in Python.

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
 Constructor. More...
def add_structure
 Read a structure into the ensemble and store (as coordinates). More...
def add_structures
 Read a list of RMFs, supports parallel. More...
def get_average_distance_wrt_reference_structure
 Compare the structure set to the reference structure. More...
def get_precision
 Evaluate the precision of two named structure groups. More...
def get_rmsd_wrt_reference_structure_with_alignment
 First align then calculate RMSD. More...
def get_rmsf
 Calculate the residue mean square fluctuations (RMSF). More...
def set_reference_structure
 Read in a structure used for reference computation. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def IMP.pmi.analysis.Precision.__init__ (   self,
  resolution = 1,
  selection_dictionary = {} 


modelThe IMP Model
resolutionUse 1 or 10 (kluge: requires that "_Res:X" is part of the hier name)
selection_dictionaryDictionary where keys are names for selections and values are selection tuples for scoring precision. "All" is automatically made as well

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Member Function Documentation

def IMP.pmi.analysis.Precision.add_structure (   self,
  setup_index_map = False 

Read a structure into the ensemble and store (as coordinates).

rmf_nameThe name of the RMF file
rmf_frame_indexThe frame to read
structure_set_nameName for the set that includes this structure (e.g. "cluster 1")
setup_index_mapif requested, set up a dictionary to help find residue indexes

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def IMP.pmi.analysis.Precision.add_structures (   self,

Read a list of RMFs, supports parallel.

rmf_name_frame_tupleslist of (rmf_file_name,frame_number)
structure_set_nameName this set of structures (e.g. "cluster.1")

Definition at line 741 of file pmi/

def IMP.pmi.analysis.Precision.get_average_distance_wrt_reference_structure (   self,

Compare the structure set to the reference structure.

structure_set_nameThe structure set to compute this on
First call set_reference_structure()

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def IMP.pmi.analysis.Precision.get_precision (   self,
  outfile = None,
  skip = 1,
  selection_keywords = None 

Evaluate the precision of two named structure groups.

Supports MPI. When the structure_set_name1 is different from the structure_set_name2, this evaluates the cross-precision (average pairwise distances).

outfileName of the precision output file
structure_set_name1string name of the first structure set
structure_set_name2string name of the second structure set
skipanalyze every (skip) structure for the distance matrix calculation
selection_keywordsSpecify the selection name you want to calculate on. By default this is computed for everything you provided in the constructor, plus all the subunits together.

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def IMP.pmi.analysis.Precision.get_rmsd_wrt_reference_structure_with_alignment (   self,

First align then calculate RMSD.

structure_set_namethe name of the structure set
alignment_selection_keythe key containing the selection tuples needed to make the alignment stored in self.selection_dictionary
: for each structure in the structure set, returns the rmsd

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def IMP.pmi.analysis.Precision.get_rmsf (   self,
  outdir = './',
  skip = 1,
  set_plot_yaxis_range = None 

Calculate the residue mean square fluctuations (RMSF).

Automatically outputs as data file and pdf

structure_set_nameWhich structure set to calculate RMSF for
outdirWhere to write the files
skipSkip this number of structures
set_plot_yaxis_rangeIn case you need to change the plot

Definition at line 988 of file pmi/

def IMP.pmi.analysis.Precision.set_reference_structure (   self,

Read in a structure used for reference computation.

Needed before calling get_average_distance_wrt_reference_structure()

rmf_nameThe RMF file to read the reference
rmf_frame_indexThe index in that file

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