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IMP.pmi.analysis.GetModelDensity Class Reference

Compute mean density maps from structures. More...

Detailed Description

Compute mean density maps from structures.

Keeps a dictionary of density maps, keys are in the custom ranges. When you call add_subunits_density, it adds particle coordinates to the existing density maps.

This class is only available in Python.

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
 Constructor. More...
def add_subunits_density
 Add a frame to the densities. More...
def get_density
 Get the current density for some component name. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def IMP.pmi.analysis.GetModelDensity.__init__ (   self,
  representation = None,
  resolution = 20.0,
  voxel = 5.0 


custom_rangesRequired. It's a dictionary, keys are the density component names, values are selection tuples e.g. {'kin28':[['kin28',1,-1]], 'density_name_1' :[('ccl1')], 'density_name_2' :[(1,142,'tfb3d1'), (143,700,'tfb3d2')],
resolutionThe MRC resolution of the output map (in Angstrom unit)
voxelThe voxel size for the output map (lower is slower)

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Member Function Documentation

def IMP.pmi.analysis.GetModelDensity.add_subunits_density (   self,

Add a frame to the densities.

hierarchyThe hierarchy to add.

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def IMP.pmi.analysis.GetModelDensity.get_density (   self,

Get the current density for some component name.

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