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IMP::domino::BranchAndBoundSampler Class Reference

Sample best solutions using BranchAndBound. More...

#include <IMP/domino/BranchAndBoundSampler.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for IMP::domino::BranchAndBoundSampler:

Detailed Description

Sample best solutions using BranchAndBound.

Find all good configurations of the model using branch and bound. Searches are truncated when the score is worse than the thresholds in the Sampler or when two particles with the same ParticlesState are assigned the same state.

Definition at line 27 of file BranchAndBoundSampler.h.

Public Member Functions

 BranchAndBoundSampler (Model *m, std::string name="BranchAndBoundSampler %1%")
 BranchAndBoundSampler (Model *m, ParticleStatesTable *pst, std::string name="BranchAndBoundSampler %1%")
Assignments do_get_sample_assignments (const IMP::domino::Subset &known) const override
virtual std::string get_type_name () const override
virtual ::IMP::VersionInfo get_version_info () const override
 Get information about the module and version of the object. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from IMP::domino::DiscreteSampler
 DiscreteSampler (Model *m, ParticleStatesTable *pst, std::string name)
unsigned int get_maximum_number_of_assignments () const
Assignments get_sample_assignments (const Subset &s) const
void set_maximum_number_of_assignments (unsigned int mx)
void set_particle_states (Particle *p, ParticleStates *se)
void set_restraints (RestraintsAdaptor rs)
 Set the Restraints to use in the RestraintScoreSubsetFilterTable. More...
void set_particle_states_table (ParticleStatesTable *cse)
void set_assignments_table (AssignmentsTable *sst)
ParticleStatesTableget_particle_states_table () const
void remove_subset_filter_table (SubsetFilterTable *d)
void remove_subset_filter_tables (const SubsetFilterTables &d)
void set_subset_filter_tables (const SubsetFilterTables &ps)
void set_subset_filter_tables_order (const SubsetFilterTables &objs)
unsigned int add_subset_filter_table (SubsetFilterTable *obj)
void add_subset_filter_tables (const SubsetFilterTables &objs)
void clear_subset_filter_tables ()
unsigned int get_number_of_subset_filter_tables () const
bool get_has_subset_filter_tables ()
SubsetFilterTableget_subset_filter_table (unsigned int i) const
SubsetFilterTables get_subset_filter_tables () const
void erase_subset_filter_table (unsigned int i)
void reserve_subset_filter_tables (unsigned int sz)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IMP::Sampler
 Sampler (Model *m, std::string name="Sampler %1%")
ConfigurationSetcreate_sample () const
Modelget_model () const
ScoringFunctionget_scoring_function () const
 Return the scoring function that is being used. More...
void set_scoring_function (ScoringFunctionAdaptor sf)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IMP::Object
virtual void clear_caches ()
CheckLevel get_check_level () const
LogLevel get_log_level () const
void set_check_level (CheckLevel l)
void set_log_level (LogLevel l)
 Set the logging level used in this object. More...
void set_was_used (bool tf) const
void show (std::ostream &out=std::cout) const
const std::string & get_name () const
void set_name (std::string name)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from IMP::domino::DiscreteSampler
list subset_filter_tables
 A Python list of SubsetFilterTables More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from IMP::domino::DiscreteSampler
virtual ConfigurationSetdo_sample () const override
AssignmentsTableget_assignments_table_to_use (const SubsetFilterTables &sfts, unsigned int max=std::numeric_limits< int >::max()) const
RestraintsTemp get_restraints () const
SubsetFilterTables get_subset_filter_tables_to_use (const RestraintsTemp &rs, ParticleStatesTable *pst) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from IMP::Object
 Object (std::string name)
 Construct an object with the given name. More...
virtual void do_destroy ()

Member Function Documentation

virtual ::IMP::VersionInfo IMP::domino::BranchAndBoundSampler::get_version_info ( ) const

Get information about the module and version of the object.

Reimplemented from IMP::Object.

Definition at line 35 of file BranchAndBoundSampler.h.

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