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IMP Reference Guide  develop.61efd79405,2023/09/21
The Integrative Modeling Platform
IMP::Key< ID > Member List

This is the complete list of members for IMP::Key< ID >, including all inherited members.

add_alias(Key< ID > old_key, std::string new_name)IMP::Key< ID >static
add_key(std::string sc) (defined in IMP::Key< ID >)IMP::Key< ID >static
get_all_strings()IMP::Key< ID >static
get_index() const (defined in IMP::Key< ID >)IMP::Key< ID >
get_key_exists(std::string sc)IMP::Key< ID >static
get_number_of_keys() (defined in IMP::Key< ID >)IMP::Key< ID >static
get_number_unique()IMP::Key< ID >static
get_string() const IMP::Key< ID >
Key()IMP::Key< ID >
Key(std::string const &c, bool is_implicit_add_permitted=true)IMP::Key< ID >explicit
operator+(int o) const (defined in IMP::Key< ID >)IMP::Key< ID >
operator++()IMP::Key< ID >
operator--() (defined in IMP::Key< ID >)IMP::Key< ID >
show(std::ostream &out=std::cout) const (defined in IMP::Key< ID >)IMP::Key< ID >
show_all(std::ostream &out)IMP::Key< ID >static
Value() (defined in IMP::Value)IMP::Valueprotected