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IMP.EMageFit.solutions_io.HeapRecord Class Reference

The heapq algorithm is a min-heap. More...

Inherits tuple.

Detailed Description

The heapq algorithm is a min-heap.

I want a max-heap, that pops the larger values out of the heap. For that I have to modify the comparison function and also set the index that is used for the comparison. The index corresponds to the restraint that we desired to order by

This class is only available in Python.

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Public Member Functions

def __lt__
 Compare. More...
def __new__
 Build from a tuple and the index used to compare. More...

Member Function Documentation

def IMP.EMageFit.solutions_io.HeapRecord.__lt__ (   self,


To convert the min-heap into a max-heap, the lower than comparison is transformed into a greater-than

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def IMP.EMageFit.solutions_io.HeapRecord.__new__ (   self,

Build from a tuple and the index used to compare.

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