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XYZR.h File Reference

Decorator for a sphere-like particle. More...

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class  IMP::core::EdgePairGeometry
 Display a segment connecting a pair of particles. More...
class  IMP::core::EdgePairsGeometry
 Display a segment for each pair in a IMP::PairContainer. More...
class  IMP::core::XYZDerivativeGeometry
class  IMP::core::XYZDerivativesGeometry
class  IMP::core::XYZR
 A decorator for a particle with x,y,z coordinates and a radius. More...
class  IMP::core::XYZRGeometry
 Display an IMP::core::XYZR particle as a ball. More...
class  IMP::core::XYZRsGeometry
 Display an IMP::SingletonContainer of IMP::core::XYZR particles as balls. More...


 Base functionality and abstract base classes for representation, scoring and sampling.
 Basic functionality that is expected to be used by a wide variety of IMP users.


typedef IMP::Vector< XYZR > IMP::core::XYZRs


XYZRs IMP::core::create_xyzr_particles (Model *m, unsigned int num, Float radius, Float box_side=10)
 Create a set of particles with random coordinates. More...
double IMP::core::get_distance (XYZR a, XYZR b)
 Compute the sphere distance between a and b. More...
algebra::Sphere3D IMP::core::get_enclosing_sphere (const XYZs &v)
 Get a sphere enclosing the set of XYZRs. More...
void IMP::core::set_enclosing_radius (XYZR b, const XYZs &v)
 Set the radius of the first to enclose the list. More...
void IMP::core::set_enclosing_sphere (XYZR b, const XYZs &v, double slack=0)
 Set the coordinates and radius of the first to enclose the list. More...

Detailed Description

Decorator for a sphere-like particle.

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Definition in file XYZR.h.