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Sphere3D.h File Reference

Simple 3D sphere class. More...

#include "SphereD.h"
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 Base functionality and abstract base classes for representation, scoring and sampling.
 General purpose algebraic and geometric methods that are expected to be used by a wide variety of IMP modules.


double IMP::algebra::get_ball_radius_from_volume_3d (double volume)
 Return the radius of a sphere with a given volume. More...
Sphere3D IMP::algebra::get_enclosing_sphere (const Sphere3Ds &ss)
 Return a sphere containing the listed spheres. More...
Sphere3D IMP::algebra::get_enclosing_sphere (const Vector3Ds &ss)
 Return a sphere containing the listed vectors. More...
Sphere3Ds IMP::algebra::get_simplified_from_volume (Sphere3Ds in, double maximum_allowed_error_angstroms)
 Get a set of balls that approximates the surface of the passed set. More...
FloatPair IMP::algebra::get_surface_area_and_volume (const algebra::Sphere3Ds &ss)
 Get surface area & volume of the union of the balls bounded by the spheres. More...

Detailed Description

Simple 3D sphere class.

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Definition in file Sphere3D.h.