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Line3D.h File Reference

Simple implementation of lines in 3D. More...

#include <IMP/algebra/algebra_config.h>
#include "Vector3D.h"
#include "Segment3D.h"
#include "BoundingBoxD.h"
#include "algebra_macros.h"
#include "GeometricPrimitiveD.h"
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class  IMP::algebra::Line3D
 Simple implementation of lines in 3D. More...


 Base functionality and abstract base classes for representation, scoring and sampling.
 General purpose algebraic and geometric methods that are expected to be used by a wide variety of IMP modules.


typedef IMP::Vector< Line3D > IMP::algebra::Line3Ds


double IMP::algebra::get_angle (const Line3D &a, const Line3D &b)
 Get angle in radians between two lines around their closest points. More...
double IMP::algebra::get_distance (const Line3D &s, const Vector3D &p)
 Get closest distance between a line and a point. More...
double IMP::algebra::get_distance (const Line3D &a, const Line3D &b)
 Get the closest distance between two lines. More...
Vector3D IMP::algebra::get_projected (const Line3D &l, const Vector3D &p)
 Project a point onto the line. More...
algebra::Segment3D IMP::algebra::get_projected (const Line3D &l, const algebra::Segment3D &s)
 Project a segment onto a line. More...
algebra::Segment3D IMP::algebra::get_segment_connecting_first_to_second (const Line3D &a, const Line3D &b)
 Get shortest possible segment from the first line to the second. More...
void IMP::algebra::set_line_3d_geometry (Line3D &g, const Line3D &gi)

Detailed Description

Simple implementation of lines in 3D.

Copyright 2007-2021 IMP Inventors. All rights reserved.

Definition in file Line3D.h.