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Cylinder3D.h File Reference

Represent a cylinder in 3D. More...

#include "Vector3D.h"
#include "Rotation3D.h"
#include "Transformation3D.h"
#include "Segment3D.h"
#include "GeometricPrimitiveD.h"
#include <IMP/showable_macros.h>
#include <iostream>
#include "constants.h"
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class  IMP::algebra::Cylinder3D
 Represent a cylinder in 3D. More...


 Base functionality and abstract base classes for representation, scoring and sampling.
 General purpose algebraic and geometric methods that are expected to be used by a wide variety of IMP modules.


typedef IMP::Vector< Cylinder3D > IMP::algebra::Cylinder3Ds

Detailed Description

Represent a cylinder in 3D.

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Definition in file Cylinder3D.h.