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IMP Manual  develop.27926d84dc,2024/04/20
Modeling of complexes using IMP::pmi

The Python Modeling Interface (PMI) is a powerful set of tools designed to handle all steps of the modeling protocol for typical modeling problems. It is designed to be used by writing a set of Python scripts.

An illustration of the use of PMI by determining the localization of two subunits of RNA Polymerase II, utilizing chemical cross-linking coupled with mass spectrometry, negative-stain electron microscopy (EM), and x-ray crystallography data, can be found in the PMI RNAPII tutorial. Another such demonstration, using PMI to model the complex of actin and tropomodulin-gelsolin chimera using SAXS, EM, crosslinking, crystal structures of the individual domains, and physical principles, can be found in the PMI actin tutorial.