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IMP::WeakPointer< O > Struct Template Reference

Smart pointer to Object-derived classes that does not refcount. More...

#include <IMP/WeakPointer.h>

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Detailed Description

template<class O>
struct IMP::WeakPointer< O >

Smart pointer to Object-derived classes that does not refcount.

WeakPointers do not do reference counting and do not claim ownership of the pointed object. As a result, they can be used to break cycles in reference counted pointers. For example, since an IMP::Model contains a reference counted pointer to an IMP::Particle, the IMP::Particle has a WeakPointer back to the Model.

This version of a WeakPointer only works on complete types, but adds additional checks of correct usage (eg that the Object has not been previously freed) compared to UncheckedWeakPointer.

See Also

Definition at line 76 of file WeakPointer.h.

Public Types

< IMP::internal::CheckedWeakPointerTraits
< O > > 

Public Member Functions

template<class Any >
 WeakPointer (const Any &o)
template<class OT >
WeakPointer< O > & operator= (const IMP::internal::PointerBase< OT > &o)
template<class OT >
WeakPointer< O > & operator= (OT *o)
WeakPointer< O > & operator= (const P &o)

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