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IMP::UncheckedWeakPointer< O > Struct Template Reference

A weak pointer to an Object or RefCountedObject. More...

#include <IMP/WeakPointer.h>

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Detailed Description

template<class O>
struct IMP::UncheckedWeakPointer< O >

A weak pointer to an Object or RefCountedObject.

WeakPointers do not do reference counting and do not claim ownership of the pointed object. As a result, they can be used to break cycles in reference counted pointers. For example, since an IMP::Model contains a reference counted pointer to an IMP::Particle, the IMP::Particle has a WeakPointer back to the IMP::Model.

The UncheckedWeakPointer can act on types that have only been partially defined. You probably should use a WeakPointer instead if you don't have problems with it.

See Also
[in]OThe type of IMP::Object-derived object to point to

Definition at line 32 of file WeakPointer.h.

Public Types

< IMP::internal::WeakPointerTraits
< O > > 

Public Member Functions

template<class Any >
 UncheckedWeakPointer (const Any &o)
template<class OT >
UncheckedWeakPointer< O > & operator= (const IMP::internal::PointerBase< OT > &o)
template<class OT >
UncheckedWeakPointer< O > & operator= (OT *o)
UncheckedWeakPointer< O > & operator= (const P &o)

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