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Working with source control

Avoiding source control entirely

We strongly recommend the use of source control (ideally git). However, if you have only a small change to make to IMP, such as a bug fix, and do not want to use source control, we'd rather get the fix than not! In this case, make a patch and email it to us or, better yet, open up an issue on GitHub with the patch as a gist.

Basic usage

See the FAQ for some resources on using git. For basic development of IMP, work in the default develop branch and do the following:

  • Periodically run git pull to get latest 'upstream' changes into your copy (if you made a fork, you should also periodically sync it with the main repository. git imp update is similar but will also show you any new entries from the changelog.
  • Commit any changes you make frequently, e.g. git add <list_of_new_files> and git commit -a -m "\<description of my recent changes\>". git makes it easy to undo, but only if you commit things to git!
  • If working with a fork, use git push origin develop periodically to store your changes on GitHub.

Feature branches

If you are making a large change that, for example, touches a bunch of files or will not necessarily be finished before you would like to work on something else IMP related, use a feature branch. Doing this also allows you to share the change with other people, before it is committed into develop (e.g. to get them to check it doesn't break anything, or to test it as you are developing it). We provide tools, based on git flow, to facilitate this process.

  1. Run git imp feature start feature_name to start a new feature branch. This will open up up an editor where you can write a for the feature. The contents of the will be used to describe the branch as well as the final commit message for the branch when it is merged into develop.
  2. Work on the branch as above (git commit, git add etc.)
  3. Use git imp feature publish feature_name to publish the branch to GitHub, if desired. (If you want to use a branch someone else published in this way, use git imp feature track feature_name.)
  4. Use git imp feature pull origin to get any new changes.
  5. Use git push origin feature/feature_name to push any new changes to the branch to GitHub.

When you are done and want to merge into develop do

  1. git imp feature finish <feature_name> to merge into develop, using the contents of the as the commit message. The file is removed before this is done.
  2. git push origin :feature/<feature_name> to remove the branch from the GitHub repository if you shared it