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Developer setup

The IMP source code and documentation is stored at GitHub. For some basic contributions to IMP, such as fixing typos in this documentation, you may be able to use GitHub's web interface. However, for most developer tasks, you will need to work with git and make a copy of the IMP code on your own machine. This follows a procedure very similar to that used to build IMP from source.

  1. Make a copy (fork) of the IMP repository. There is an excellent help page at GitHub that explains this in detail.
  2. Build IMP as previously described - the only difference is you will want to clone your fork, not the main IMP repository. You will almost always want to use the develop branch, as that is where all new IMP development occurs.
  3. Make your changes to IMP (described in more detail below).
  4. When you are finished with your changes, open a pull request to get it incorporated into the main IMP repository.
There are other ways of working with IMP. For example, if you are working in the Sali lab, in most cases you can work directly on the main IMP repository rather than making a fork (speak to an existing developer to make sure.) You may also choose to develop a single IMP module in isolation from IMP itself, in its own repository (as is done for IMP::pmi).