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[IMP-users] Configuring IMP 2.2.1: HDF5 once found, twice not

Dear all,

I am building IMP by using a HDF5 installation in a non-standard location. When running cmake with the HDF5_* options, HDF5 is found when configuring some modules, but not found when configuring others.

I'm configuring IMP with:

$ cmake ../imp-2.2.1 \
  -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/my/imp/prefix \
  -DBOOST_ROOT=/my/boost/root \
  -DHDF5_LIBRARIES=/my/hdf5/root/lib  \

And I get:

Configuring module parallel ... yes
-- Running setup_swig_wrappers parallel
-- Running IMP.parallel making all header
-- Updating /my/imp/prefix/SRC/build/include/IMP/parallel.h
HDF5 not found


Configuring module saxs ... yes
-- Running setup_swig_wrappers saxs
-- Running IMP.saxs making all header
-- Updating /my/imp/prefix/SRC/build/include/IMP/saxs.h
HDF5 not found

*but* I also get:

Configuring module misc ... yes
-- [...]
-- Found HDF5: /my/hdf5/root/lib
-- [...]

I can overcome the problem by using the $CMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH and $CMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH environment variables instead. In this case HDF5 is found for all modules.

Still, I think this behaviour is quite confusing

(Problem already existed with IMP 2.2.0)