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IMP Reference Guide  2.7.0
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IMP::core::HierarchyTraits Class Reference

Define the type for a type of hierarchy. More...

#include <IMP/core/Hierarchy.h>

Detailed Description

Define the type for a type of hierarchy.

The hierarchy class is identified by the passed string so two hierarchies created with the same initialization string will be the same.

This example shows how to make and use a custom hierarchy:

1 ## \example core/
2 # This example shows how to create and use a custom hierarchy of particles.
4 import IMP
5 import IMP.core
6 import sys
8 IMP.setup_from_argv(sys.argv, "custom hierarchy")
10 def custom_hierarchy(parent_particle, children_particles):
11  tr = IMP.core.HierarchyTraits("my hierarchy")
12  pd = IMP.core.Hierarchy.setup_particle(parent_particle, tr)
13  for p in children_particles:
15  pd.add_child(cd)
18 m = IMP.Model()
19 p1 = IMP.Particle(m)
20 p2 = IMP.Particle(m)
21 p3 = IMP.Particle(m)
22 custom_hierarchy(p1, (p2, p3))
See Also

Definition at line 47 of file core/Hierarchy.h.

Public Member Functions

 HierarchyTraits (std::string name)
 Create a HierarchyTraits with the given name. More...
ParticleIndexesKey get_children_key () const
ParticleIndexKey get_parent_key () const
bool operator== (const HierarchyTraits &o) const
void show (std::ostream &out=std::cout) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IMP::core::HierarchyTraits::HierarchyTraits ( std::string  name)

Create a HierarchyTraits with the given name.

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