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IMP Reference Guide  2.7.0
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IMP::Vector< T > Class Template Reference

A more IMP-like version of the std::vector. More...

#include <IMP/Vector.h>

Inherits IMP::Value.

Inherited by IMP::IndexVector< Tag, T >, and IMP::ParticleIndexPairsAdaptor.

Detailed Description

template<class T>
class IMP::Vector< T >

A more IMP-like version of the std::vector.

Specifically this class adds functionality from Python arrays such as

  • hashing
  • output to streams
  • use of +=es
  • implicit conversion when the contents are implicitly convertible
  • bounds checking in debug mode

Definition at line 39 of file Vector.h.

Public Member Functions

 Vector (unsigned int sz, const T &t=T())
template<class It >
 Vector (It b, It e)
template<class VO >
 Vector (const std::vector< VO > &o)
template<class O >
 operator Vector< O > () const
template<class OV >
Vector< T > operator+= (const OV &o)

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