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IMP Reference Guide  2.5.0
The Integrative Modeling Platform
IMP::multifit::DataPointsAssignment Class Reference

#include <IMP/multifit/DataPointsAssignment.h>

Detailed Description

Sets the assignment of particles data points into clusters according to the clustering engine.

Definition at line 28 of file DataPointsAssignment.h.

Public Member Functions

 DataPointsAssignment (const IMP::statistics::internal::XYZDataPoints *data, const IMP::statistics::internal::ClusteringEngine *cluster_engine)
algebra::Vector3Ds get_centers () const
IMP::statistics::internal::ClusteringEngine * 
get_cluster_engine () const
algebra::Vector3Ds get_cluster_vectors (int cluster_id) const
IMP::algebra::Vector3Ds get_cluster_xyz (int cluster_ind) const
const IntPairsget_edges () const
int get_number_of_clusters () const

Protected Member Functions

void connect_clusters (int c1, int c2)
algebra::Vector3Ds set_cluster (int cluster_ind)
void set_clusters ()
void set_edges (double voxel_size=3.)

Protected Attributes

IMP::statistics::internal::ClusteringEngine * 
std::vector< algebra::Vector3Dscluster_sets_
Pointer< const
IMP::statistics::internal::XYZDataPoints > 
IntPairs edges_
CEdges edges_map_

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