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IMP::container::TripletContainerSet Class Reference

Stores a set of TripletContainers. More...

#include <IMP/container/TripletContainerSet.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for IMP::container::TripletContainerSet:

Detailed Description

Stores a set of TripletContainers.

The input sets must be disjoint. This can change if there is demand for it.

The maintenance of the invariant is done by an associated IMP::Constraint. As a result, the state is only guaranteed to be correct either during model evaluation, or immediately following model evaluation before any particles have been changed.

Definition at line 29 of file TripletContainerSet.h.

Public Member Functions

 TripletContainerSet (Model *m, std::string name="TripletContainerSet %1%")
 Construct and empty set. More...
 TripletContainerSet (const TripletContainersTemp &pc, std::string name="TripletContainerSet %1%")
template<class M >
void apply_generic (const M *m) const
 apply modifer sm to all triplet containers More...
ParticleIndexes get_all_possible_indexes () const
 Get contained particles. More...
virtual std::string get_type_name () const
virtual ::IMP::VersionInfo get_version_info () const
 Get information about the module and version of the object. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from IMP::TripletContainer
void apply (const TripletModifier *sm) const
 Apply a SingletonModifier to the contents. More...
void apply_generic (const TripletModifier *m) const
 Just use apply() in the base class. More...
const ParticleIndexTripletsget_contents () const
virtual ParticleIndexTriplets get_indexes () const =0
ParticleTriplet get_particle_triplet (unsigned int i) const
ParticleTripletsTemp get_particle_triplets () const
virtual ParticleIndexTriplets get_range_indexes () const =0
- Public Member Functions inherited from IMP::Container
ModelObjectsTemp do_get_outputs () const
 containers don't have outputs More...
std::size_t get_contents_hash () const
virtual bool get_is_decomposable () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from IMP::ModelObject
 ModelObject (Model *m, std::string name)
bool get_has_dependencies () const
 Return whether this object has dependencies computed. More...
bool get_has_required_score_states () const
 Return whether score states are computed. More...
ModelObjectsTemp get_inputs () const
ModelObjectsTemps get_interactions () const
 Get the interacting sets induced by this ModelObject. More...
Modelget_model () const
ModelObjectsTemp get_outputs () const
const ScoreStatesTempget_required_score_states () const
 Get the score states that are ancestors of this in the dependency graph. More...
void set_has_dependencies (bool tf)
 Either invalidate the dependencies or ensure they are correct. More...
void set_has_required_score_states (bool tf)
 Compute the required score states. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from IMP::Object
virtual void clear_caches ()
CheckLevel get_check_level () const
LogLevel get_log_level () const
void set_check_level (CheckLevel l)
void set_log_level (LogLevel l)
 Set the logging level used in this object. More...
void set_was_used (bool tf) const
void show (std::ostream &out=std::cout) const
const std::string & get_name () const
void set_name (std::string name)

Methods to control the nested container

This container merges a set of nested containers. To add or remove nested containers, use the methods below.

void remove_triplet_container (TripletContainer *d)
void remove_triplet_containers (const TripletContainers &d)
void set_triplet_containers (const TripletContainers &ps)
void set_triplet_containers_order (const TripletContainers &objs)
unsigned int add_triplet_container (TripletContainer *obj)
void add_triplet_containers (const TripletContainers &objs)
void clear_triplet_containers ()
unsigned int get_number_of_triplet_containers () const
bool get_has_triplet_containers ()
TripletContainerget_triplet_container (unsigned int i) const
TripletContainers get_triplet_containers () const
void reserve_triplet_containers (unsigned int sz)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from IMP::TripletContainer
typedef ParticleIndexTriplet ContainedIndexType
typedef ParticleIndexTriplets ContainedIndexTypes
typedef ParticleTriplet ContainedType
typedef ParticleTripletsTemp ContainedTypes
typedef TripletModifier Modifier
typedef const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from IMP::TripletContainer
 TripletContainer (Model *m, std::string name="TripletContainer %1%")
virtual void do_apply (const TripletModifier *sm) const =0
virtual bool do_get_provides_access () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from IMP::Container
 Container (Model *m, std::string name="Container %1%")
- Protected Member Functions inherited from IMP::ModelObject
virtual ModelObjectsTemp do_get_inputs () const =0
virtual ModelObjectsTemps do_get_interactions () const
virtual void handle_set_has_required_score_states (bool)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from IMP::Object
 Object (std::string name)
 Construct an object with the given name. More...
virtual void do_destroy ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IMP::container::TripletContainerSet::TripletContainerSet ( Model m,
std::string  name = "TripletContainerSet %1%" 

Construct and empty set.

Member Function Documentation

template<class M >
void IMP::container::TripletContainerSet::apply_generic ( const M *  m) const

apply modifer sm to all triplet containers

Definition at line 48 of file TripletContainerSet.h.

+ Here is the call graph for this function:

ParticleIndexes IMP::container::TripletContainerSet::get_all_possible_indexes ( ) const

Get contained particles.

Get a list of all particles contained in this one, given that the input containers are up to date.

Implements IMP::Container.

virtual ::IMP::VersionInfo IMP::container::TripletContainerSet::get_version_info ( ) const

Get information about the module and version of the object.

Reimplemented from IMP::Object.

Definition at line 53 of file TripletContainerSet.h.

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