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This tutorial aims to give a simple introduction to the IMP 1.0 software itself and some specific applications. It cannot cover all parts of IMP in detail; for more information, please refer to the IMP manual.

In order to follow along with the tutorial, you will first need to download and install IMP 1.0. Please note that if you choose to use a later version of IMP, some scripts may need some modification to work correctly.

  1. Introduction.
    Introduction to the problems that IMP is designed to solve, and the high-level design of the software.
  2. The IMP C++/Python library.
    Simple usage of basic parts of the IMP library.
  3. The restrainer high-level interface.
    Demonstration of the IMP.restrainer module for generating a structure of a subcomplex of the Nuclear Pore Complex.
  4. Simple integrative example.
    A simple example of the use of comparative modeling, X-ray crystallography, and small angle X-ray data.
  5. MultiFit.
    Demonstration of the MultiFit method, which determines macromolecular assembly structures by fitting multiple structures into an electron density map, on the ARP2/3 complex.