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deprecation.h File Reference

Control display of deprecation information. More...

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namespace  IMP
 The IMP kernel provides base classes and key shared functionality.


#define IMP_DEPRECATED(old_classname, replacement_classname)
 Mark the class as deprecated. It will print out a message.


void IMP::set_print_deprecation_messages (bool tf)
 Toggle printing of warnings on using deprecated classes.

Detailed Description

Control display of deprecation information.

Copyright 2007-2010 IMP Inventors. All rights reserved.

Define Documentation

#define IMP_DEPRECATED ( old_classname,
replacement_classname   ) 

Mark the class as deprecated. It will print out a message.

From time to time, IMP is updated in ways that break backward compatibility. In certain cases we will leave the old functionality in so as not to break existing code which uses IMP. Such code is said to be "deprecated". See the deprecated class list for a list of such classes.

Deprecated classes are marked in a variety of ways:

  • They are listed in the "Deprecated List" in the "Related Pages" tab.
  • They are noted as deprecated in their documentation.
  • They print a warning when an instance is constructed or the function is called.

The warnings can be turned off using the IMP::core::set_print_deprecation_messages function.

[in] old_classname The class which is deprecated.
[in] replacement_classname The class which replaces it.
Further, IMP can be built without deprecated code by defining IMP_NO_DEPRECATED or the deprecated=False scons argument.

You should also use the

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