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IMP::helper::SimpleDistance Class Reference

Detailed Description

Simple distance restraint between two particles.

SimpleDistance stores pointers to DistanceRestraint, and HarmonicUpperBound.

It provides convenient methods to change mean, k, and standard deviation.

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Public Member Functions

core::HarmonicUpperBoundget_harmonic_upper_bound ()
core::DistanceRestraintget_restraint ()
VersionInfo get_version_info () const
void set_k (Float k)
 Set the spring constant for the HarmonicUpperBound.
void set_mean (Float mean)
 Set the mean for the HarmonicUpperBound.
void set_stddev (Float sd)
 Set the standard deviation for the HarmonicUpperBound.
void show (std::ostream &out=std::cout) const


SimpleDistance create_simple_distance (Particles *ps)

Member Function Documentation

void IMP::helper::SimpleDistance::set_k ( Float  k  ) 

Set the spring constant for the HarmonicUpperBound.

The default k is 1.

void IMP::helper::SimpleDistance::set_mean ( Float  mean  ) 

Set the mean for the HarmonicUpperBound.

The default mean is 0.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

SimpleDistance create_simple_distance ( Particles ps  )  [friend]

Creates DistanceRestraint using HarmonicUpperBound scoring function as default.

[in] ps Pointer to two particles in distance restraint.

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