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IMP Manual  develop.d6f8d0429e,2023/09/22
Python-only modules

Most IMP modules are mostly written in C++ and provide a Python wrapper. However, it is also possible to write modules entirely in Python. To do this,

  • add python_only=True to the module's file.
  • don't provide a SWIG input file (swig.i-in) in the module's pyext directory (it will be ignored).
  • provide an in the module's pyext/src directory if needed.
  • any programs in the module's bin subdirectory should be Python scripts.
  • utility C++ headers can still be provided in the module's include directory but no .cpp files can be included in the src directory.

The advantage of making a Python-only module is that it is much faster to build (since it does not need to be compiled).

For good examples, see the test, sampcon, and saxs_merge modules.