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Re: [IMP-users] RMF error while building

On 4/3/14, 11:59 AM, Ibai Irastorza wrote:
Yesterday I had 2 running imp's in 2 computers: 2.0.1 version and the
developer version downloaded from github. I deleted both (imp folder and
path lines from bash) to get the 2.1.1 version because I am still using
IMP.restrainer and I need rmf module to make a movie.

I get this error over and over again in both computers:

Looks like you have something confused somewhere, if you're trying to build IMP 2.1.1 in the imp-2.0.1 directory. RMF.i is in different places in the two versions.

I tried to turn off the network as Jan suggested here ,I
tried the developer version also, installed the doxygen 1.8.5 version
also and the same error always.

That particular suggestion was to fix doxygen. The error you've posted above is unrelated.

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