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[IMP-users] Windows build

What are your plans for supporting Windows builds?

As of today, building from the head of develop branch on GitHub reveals several problems during the CMake configure phase:

1.       You store symlinks in the repo.  After checking out the code on Windows, they are converted to text files that contain the path of the link. There are no plans in Git to support Windows symlinks on NTFS. This also breaks Scons build.

2.       Your python script that copies sources into build calls os.symlink() (easy to fix, I fixed it in my copy)

3.       Somehow when CMake calls python scripts as executables, with imp_execute_process(), they do not run (nothing happens at all, no error message). The same command line works fine from Windows command window. Prepending the command with ‘python’ fixes it, but there is a lot of such calls in the code

4.       Your various Python scripts that generate CMake files use os.path.join(), resulting in paths that mix Unix and Windows separators, such as: ${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/modules\base\CMakeModules\Checkhas_auto.cmake. CMake exits with an error


I also tried building on Cygwin. Compilation caused g++ segfault on latest Cygwin 1.7. Updating Cygwin to “experimental” carried the compilation further, but then it stopped with missing Python library names while linking swig generated extension.