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IMP Manual  for IMP version 2.5.0
Chimera tools and web services

These tools use part of IMP to tackle some modeling problems. They are the simplest to use because they do not require an IMP installation.

Chimera tools

The UCSF Chimera software includes several tools that use IMP:

  • Small-Angle X-Ray Profile: calculate a theoretical small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) profile from a set of atoms
  • MultiFit: perform simultaneous rigid fitting of multiple atomic-resolution structures into density maps at resolutions as low as 25 Å.

In addition, UCSF Chimera is able to read RMF files generated by IMP.

Web services

We provide a number of web services that use IMP:

  • AllosMod: modeling of ligand-induced protein dynamics and beyond
  • FoXS: fast SAXS profile computation with Debye formula
  • AllosMod-FoXS: structure generation and SAXS profile calculations, combining the AllosMod and FoXS servers
  • FoXSDock: macromolecular docking with SAXS profile
  • SAXS Merge: an automated statistical method to merge SAXS profiles from different concentrations and exposure times
  • Pose & Rank: scoring of protein-ligand complexes