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Re: [IMP-dev] documentation build

Daniel Russel wrote:
> Upon Javi's suggestion, we should probably have the online IMP docs
> updated every night whether or not all the builds and tests success so
> it tracks, as closely as possibly, the svn state.

I disagree. Such documentation is rarely going to exactly match a
checked-out version of IMP, but right now we can at least guarantee that
the nightly build docs match the nightly build code. If somebody wants
docs that match their checkout, they can just say "scons doc". doxygen
is not an unreasonable dependency for this.

> With so many people
> contributing to IMP, it is likely that something will be broken most
> nights

On the contrary, the rule of thumb is still that builds should not be
broken for more than 3 days. Otherwise the SVN trunk becomes useless for
everybody. I will continue to encourage people to fix their code if they
break the builds.

> It would be good to also have a release version of the documentation
> once we have releases.

Of course - a release would be pretty useless otherwise!

"It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data."
	- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle