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Re: [IMP-dev] get_interacting_particles

Keren Lasker wrote:
ok - so I am using the latest IMP version, which broke my c++ code as now I should use get_interacting_particles., which is fine. The problem is that it is not working for ConnectivityRestraint from c+ +.
The first Particles I get in the ParticlesList is garbage.

What sort of garbage? Invalid pointers, or something else? Can you post your code?

does it suppose to work on or at this point ?

Sure, it's supposed to work - at least in the revision at
since that's from the nightly build, and all the tests passed. There are unit tests for this method. What you should be getting for ConnectivityRestraint is the default implementation from Restraint, which is a 1-element ParticlesList containing a Particles vector with all Particles in the restraint.

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