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Re: [IMP-dev] NBL cleanup and other small patches

Daniel Russel wrote:
Oh, sorry. It should be 'kernel/doc'. Forgot that we moved all the
kernel stuff to a subdirectory some time ago.
I didn't know scons targets could look like that :-) Learn something every day. Does that syntax build all the targets in that directory?

scons targets are files, just like make, except that it understands directory structure, so you can use paths. And yes, a directory depends on all targets in that directory. For example, 'scons .' would make sure all files are up to date in the source tree, but 'scons /' would build all targets anywhere in the filesystem (so would do any install rules, for example).

How come it builds everything else first? Is env.Default added to everything rather than being the default?

Currently the examples are considered part of the documentation, and 'scons doc' runs them. You can't run the examples without having IMP built first, so that gets pulled in as a dependency.

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