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Re: [IMP-dev] IO support with boost

XML file. This makes it pretty useless in terms of human readability.

Well, I didn't quite mean useful, but actually, I didn't really mean for the sentence to be there. I think direct XML dump of the objects is a bad way to do a human editable file format since it makes it very hard (to impossible) to ensure invariants such as the hierarchies being right, bonds being right etc.

Several of our build machines only have the Boost headers, so I have to get the shared libraries to build on them first before I can put such a
patch in.
Just out of curiousity, what platforms require work to get boost working (no rpms or prebuild installs)? Or is it just a matter on having not yet installed macports or the full boost binaries on something?

We should probably start assembling such instructions with the installation instructions (for example where to get macports or fink for macs). Pointing people to the projects' web pages is probably only useful for windows users (even then, it is probably easier for most windows users to just use cygwin rather than messing with all sorts of packages).