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IMP::algebra::GeometricPrimitiveD< D > Class Template Reference

Base class for geometric types. More...

#include <IMP/algebra/GeometricPrimitiveD.h>

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template<int D>
class IMP::algebra::GeometricPrimitiveD< D >

Base class for geometric types.

Geometric primitives in IMP behave a bit differently than most values.

Most classes in IMP are initialized to a defined state (sometimes a null state) by their default constructor. For efficiency reasons, certain ones, mostly low-level geometric types, are not. They act like built in types in C++ in that they only have a defined state if set (or initialized).

In addition, they are not comparable, or hashable.

See the Geometric primitives entry for more information.

Definition at line 30 of file GeometricPrimitiveD.h.

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