IMP  2.4.0
The Integrative Modeling Platform
atom_io.h File Reference

Handle read/write of kernel::Model data from/to files. More...

#include <IMP/rmf/rmf_config.h>
#include "link_macros.h"
#include <IMP/atom/Hierarchy.h>
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 Synonym for IMP::kernel.
 Support for the RMF file format for storing hierarchical molecular data and markup.

Hierarchy I/O

Hierarchy I/O writes IMP::atom::Hierarchy information along with the information contained in the following decorators

IMP::core::XYZ and IMP::core::RigidBody data are stored at each frame. Data for all the other decorators are assumed to be static attributes, and are stored once for the entire RMF file. There is currently no way to customize this. Complain to the IMP team if this is problematic.

To avoid unexpected behavior, be aware that when linking atom::Hierarchies against an RMF file, the linked hierarchies are assumed to be identical in all of their static attributes to the hierarchies in the RMF file (within RMF::REPRESENTATION nodes). In particular, these hierarchies must have the same tree topology (number of children for each node).
void IMP::rmf::add_hierarchies (RMF::FileHandle fh, const atom::Hierarchies &hs)
void IMP::rmf::add_hierarchies (RMF::NodeHandle fh, const atom::Hierarchies &hs)
void IMP::rmf::add_hierarchy (RMF::FileHandle fh, atom::Hierarchy hs)
atom::Hierarchies IMP::rmf::create_hierarchies (RMF::FileConstHandle fh, kernel::Model *m)
void IMP::rmf::link_hierarchies (RMF::FileConstHandle fh, const atom::Hierarchies &hs)

Detailed Description

Handle read/write of kernel::Model data from/to files.

Copyright 2007-2015 IMP Inventors. All rights reserved.

Definition in file atom_io.h.