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[IMP-dev] IMP on the cluster

I have built various libraries that are helpful for running IMP on the cluster and put them in my home directly there (~drussel/production). The libraries available are
- ~drussel/production/hdf5: the version of hdf5 installed on the cluster is old and has several important differences from more recent versions. Backporting the hdf5 code looks to be a bit painful and messy and hdf5 is very easy to build.
- ~drussel/production/bullet: the physics based optimizer, it is not installed in the cluster
- ~drussel/production/CGAL: the geometry library, it is not installed in the cluster

If you want to use any of those, I suggest you copy them to your own directory somewhere and then add that directory to you imp config paths (libpath, includepath and ldlibpath). That way you won't have problems if I mess with my copies. None of the libraries have data and so they all work fine when relocated.

Ultimately, the nicest solution might be to have IMP include them or fetch them when needed itself. But I don't feel like setting that up now.