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Re: [IMP-dev] too many rotations in IMP

It seems to me the old interface with
- Rotation3D which has a rotate function
- functions to create Rotation3Ds from various Euler angles (including ZYZ, if it is not already there) - possible caching of the rotation matrix in Rotation3D if that does speed things up covers everything that is needed without the addition of any of the new classes and conflicting conventions. Is this right?

No. I tried building a Rotation 3D and using it and it didn't work with project(). I can provide the details of what was failing, and maybe somebody can find what I couldn't after fighting for some weeks. It would be very helpful.

Please do. Please always report any such problems, whether or not you work around them some other way. And report them immediately rather than fighting for a while as other people are more familiar with that code and so might have good ideas how to fix it. Otherwise, they won't get fixed and someone else will run into the same thing. The best thing is to provide a simple example of incorrect behavior and stick it in the bug tracker or email it to the list.

Fine, as long as project() can be accessed the way I want/need and works after the changes, I don't mind the internal way it calls rotations.