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Re: [IMP-dev] xml support in imp

Keren Lasker wrote:
I would like to add XML support in IMP.
It seems that Arabica <http://www.jezuk.co.uk/cgi-bin/view/arabica> could be a good alternative - thoughts ?

I suggested YAML, to match the current code we have for particle IO. In principle however, we can add any BSD or MIT library as a dependency for IMP without running into licensing issues (Arabica is BSD; at least one of the YAML libraries is MIT). I'd just prefer not to if we can avoid it (at least for the IMP core) since it makes it more of a hassle to build IMP. (An alternative is to bundle the code within IMP, but I'd prefer to avoid that too, at least for everything that isn't just a header-only package, since we than have to maintain that package - e.g. monitoring for security problems - and it could potentially conflict with system copies of the same library.)

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