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Re: [IMP-dev] [IMP-commits] r715 - in trunk/domino: include pyext src test

Daniel Russel wrote:
> - it would be really nice is the other packages used the logging support 
> built into the IMP kernel. This makes controlling the complexity and 
> where it goes much easier.

Of course - I agree, and will help people like Keren to use the IMP
kernel facilities where appropriate.

> - is there a reason that other modules don't use the imp kernel 
> exception wrappers? Is this something to do with SWIG failing or a 
> design decision? It seems to me uniformity in exception returns would 
> also be quite nice.

All modules should use the IMP kernel exception wrappers, which is why I
made the change to the domino module in this commit. Perhaps the em
module should too, but as far as I could tell from Keren's interface and
documentation, neither of her classes throw any IMP or EMBED exceptions.
Keren, perhaps you could correct me if I'm wrong here.

The reason for the explicit %exception; in the em module currently is
that SWIG's %import sets up the IMP %exception handler but does not emit
the static handle_imp_exception() method into the actual wrapper, so it
doesn't compile. An explicit %include of IMP_exceptions is needed
instead to use the kernel exception wrappers.

"It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data."
	- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle