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Re: directory structure

How does this differ from what we talked about last week? If it's the same, then the same deal applies: I'm waiting on the scons guys to resolve some build issues before making any big changes.
Nope, same thing. I figured the rearrangement meant stuff had been resolved and something had just gotten lost along the way :-)

P.S. What is this mystery project which needs to include the IMP headers? In my opinion, it'd be great to have at least some version of this in the IMP SVN repository with Keren's impEM stuff, because it's really the applications which define what we do (and need to do) with IMP.
When I am trying things out, I don't want to put things into the IMP svn, change the scons setup and whatever other things are necessary to use the existing build system. I think the best thing to do is to make another project and then include/link against imp. Eventually I hope other people will want to do the same :-)