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pmi1 Directory Reference
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file  pmi1/CompositeRestraint.h [code]
 A restraint for ambiguous cross-linking MS data and multiple state approach.
file  InternalCoordinatesConstraint.h [code]
 A modifier that enforce identical internal coordinates for NonRigidMembers.
file  /MembraneRestraint.h [code]
 Favor configurations where target is in the membrane.
file  pmi1_config.h [code]
file  /Resolution.h [code]
 A decorator for particles with resolution.
file  SigmoidRestraintSphere.h [code]
 Simple sigmoidal score calculated between sphere surfaces.
file  /Symmetric.h [code]
 A decorator for symmetric particles.
file  /TransformMover.h [code]
 A mover that transforms a rigid body.
file  /Uncertainty.h [code]
 A decorator for particles with Uncertainty.
file  pmi1/utilities.h [code]
 Useful utilities.