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[IMP-dev] examples not working in IMP version 1.0

dear all,

i have been trying to run the example for the non-bonded list in IMP
(the official release 1.0) and sadly, it did not work:

sendling 1026% /fs/pool/pool-foerster/apps/src/imp/branches/1.0/tools/imppy.sh
python test_imp.py
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "test_imp.py", line 10, in <module>
    ps = IMP.core.ListSingletonContainer(IMP.core.create_xyzr_particles(m,
20, 1.0))
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'ListSingletonContainer'

test_imp.py is the IMP example:

import IMP
import IMP.core
import IMP.atom

# This example addes a restraint on nonbonded interactions
# after excluding a set of bonded interactions.

m= IMP.Model()
# The set of particles
ps = IMP.core.ListSingletonContainer(IMP.core.create_xyzr_particles(m, 20, 1.0))

# create a bond between two particles
bd0= IMP.atom.Bonded.setup_particle(ps.get_particle(0))
bd1= IMP.atom.Bonded.setup_particle(ps.get_particle(1))
IMP.atom.custom_bond(bd0, bd1, 2.0)

# Set up the nonbonded list for all pairs at are touching
# and let things move 3 before updating the list
nbl= IMP.core.ClosePairContainer(ps, 0.0, 3.0)

# Set up excluded volume
sdps= IMP.core.SphereDistancePairScore(IMP.core.HarmonicLowerBound(0,1))
evr= IMP.core.PairsRestraint(sdps, nbl)

# Set up optimizer
o= IMP.core.ConjugateGradients()


any suggestions?


p.s.: IMP is compiled with build='fast'.
all 'required' packages (specified in the installation doc) are installed:
    * scons (0.98 or later)
    * Boost (1.33 or later)
    * A Subversion (svn) client to access the repository

If you wish to build the Python interfaces, you will also need:

    * Python (2.3 or later)
    * SWIG (1.3.40 or later)

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