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[IMP-dev] Curious Error and PDBs with more than 1 model

Hi. I'm testing IMP with a PDB file that has 3 models inside, and is quite big: ~900 kDa, 60 chains. I was expecting problems with reading more than one model, but I'm also getting this:

ERROR: Can only allocate 150000 particles. Yell at Daniel.

1) Can IMP read multi-model PDBs now ? The code seems that it can.
2) How are the models treated? One IMP model per PDB model ? I would like to have all the PDB models into the IMP model in this case.
3) How does IMP identify chains internally? How can I access chain 54, for example, given that it's name is repeated in the PDB file? (The PDB has 3 models, 20 chains each, repeated name).

Btw ... the PDB file was valid enough to be part of RCSB.